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The 1000mg HHC Lemonade Syrup is the only water-soluble, extremely strong hemp product you need to buy in large quantities. This is the best choice for a glass of water, or your lunchtime tea is our 1,000 mg HHC syrup. HHC Syrup contains 1,000 mg of HHC isolate a rare and legal cannabinoid related to THC.

For consumers who require an extra boost in the morning, afternoon, or evening, HHC is the best cannabinoid. From tremendous exhilaration to greater attentiveness, these are some of its impacts. Simple to use and compatible with any beverage, our 1,000mg HHC Syrup makes things even easier.

Hemp enthusiasts who appreciate discretion and beverage-based edibles will adore 1,000mg HHC Syrup.

Whether you’re a beginner or not, you can modify your dose with the dosage applicator. Another way to say it is that you can experiment without going crazy.

Finally, every drop matters with hours of top-notch benefits thanks to our 1,000mg HHC Syrup’s high bioavailability.

Drop by drop, the 1,000 mg HHC syrup is worth its weight in gold!

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