ALTO Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar

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Contains: 12 Chocolate Bits in each bar

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Each ALTO Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar contains 3.5g of psilocybe while 230 mg are contained in each square. This is a fantastic medical remedy whose flavours are made with the finest Belgian chocolate and are vegan-friendly. You can make a choice from three delectable flavours.

Dark Chocolate & Toasted Coconut

For a delightfully delectable taste, this heavenly treat mixes bittersweet dark chocolate with delicately toasted coconut. It’s hard to keep this in mind.

Milk Chocolate & Toffee

Delicious toffee blended with smooth Aromatic milk chocolate. It is comparable to taking psilocybin satin by mouth. The best pairing is sugar and chocolate. Please try it out!

Salted Caramel & Pecans

Mix to create a creamy caramel flavour with just the right amount of crunch. A delightful and sweet psilocybin-infused magic mushroom treat. We don’t think there is a greater way to take your dose once the smooth caramel and psilocybin have entered your mouth.

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