Chaga Mushroom 30:1 Extract

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Buy Freeze Dried Siberian Chaga Mushroom 30:1 Extract

The quality of freeze-dried Chaga Mushroom 30:1 Extract is absolutely wonderful. This is so much better than the thermally sprayed extracts that everyone else uses. We also have terrific Chaga, but the freeze-dried Chaga Extract is superior, and we can’t get enough of it. When swirled into warm water, the Siberian Chaga extract rapidly dissolves after being freeze dried at -56 degrees.

The nutritional elements in the chaga are protected and locked in during the production of this freeze-dried chaga, which uses very little heat. We are thrilled to be able to get this for you because it is the most potent and premium chaga available anywhere.

Mushroom Tonic Tea: Mix 1/4 tsp of extract with 200ml of hot water to make a delicious tonic tea.

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