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An example of Psilocybin Cubensis is Daddy Long Legs Magic Mushrooms with its thin stems. They resemble the slender legs of the daddy long legs spider where the peculiar name evolved. The Fraser Valley in British Columbia is the original home of this variety.


The Daddy Long Legs offer a comparatively traditional shroom experience, and many users have noted that it is akin to Golden Teachers.

Expect stunning visuals with intense colours along with an excellent balance of spiritual experiences and bliss, like with the majority of Cubensis strains.

With smaller doses, this peculiar strain makes us giggle and is great for hanging out with pals.


Although Daddy Long Legs is not one of our most potent species, we ask that you nonetheless respect all cubensis strains.

If you’re unfamiliar with mushrooms, proceed with caution.

Always exercise caution when combining these mushrooms with other psychedelic substances, such as alcohol or marijuana.

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