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Even though edibles already offer an alternative to smoking cigarettes, these Death Star Gummies 500mg set a new standard as one of the most potent THC-based products available.

These scrumptious treats, popularised by comedian and podcast host Joey Diaz, contained extraordinarily high THC levels. These had never been seen in the edibles industry.

Black market items were incredibly potent and well-liked by cannabis fans. The Stars of Death consumable used to come in packages with up to 1000 mg of THC.

Producers from a number of companies, most notably from companies like Anarchy or Starr 1. They originally released The Stars of Death Edible.

Although ardent cannabis users are always looking for the newest and strongest products, it may be challenging to find any that satisfy the needs of a regular user due to stringent restrictions.

For instance, edibles are not currently offered in Australia. But when they are, their THC level will be limited to a meagre 10 milligrammes per product.

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