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A strain is hidden among the warm, muggy hills deep in the American South. Hillbilly Magic Mushrooms, a very strong member of the Cubensis fungus family, is native to Arkansas. It is comparable to other members of its family, such as Amazonians and Golden Teachers. These days, this strain is thriving naturally on five additional continents.

Hillbillies resemble other Cubensis in appearance; they have shallower, smaller heads that are uniformly orange in colour. The Hillbilly mushroom’s stalk has a slightly smaller diameter than its cap; it is initially thicker near the cap on top and then thinner as it descends towards the base of the mushroom.

This mushroom is a fantastic all-around fungus for novice and experienced mushroom hunters.


When using Hillbilly mushrooms, users report vivid exhilaration and visuals. The Hillbilly Cubensis has the potential to induce a potent psychedelic experience, much as all psilocybin mushrooms.

However, these journeys typically start in 30 to 60 minutes with brief, mild yawning episodes, which are frequently followed by wide smiles and fits of laughter. Hence, after roughly one hour, the effects reach their peak and can continue for up to six hours.

Some individuals may get altered perceptions of time and develop visual hallucinations.

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