Mycro Nootropic Vegan Capsules


Contains: 30X 100MG P.Cubensis Capsules = 3000MG Total Cubensis

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Consumers who try Mycro Nootropic Vegan Capsules stipulates it makes you feel happier, more focused, and more creative.  For anyone wishing to improve their performance and cognition, Mycro is the greatest micro-dosing alternative.

Canada and USA produce Mycro Nootropic Capsules from medicinal mushrooms. Its components are based on a Swiss composition and are of pharmaceutical-grade purity.


100MG P. Cubensis Capsules

Non-GMO, organic, and vegan.

Despite being a relatively new phenomenon, microdosing medicinal mushrooms has developed a devoted following among a very wide range of people, including business owners, athletes, stay-at-home parents, people who struggle with anxiety or depression, and pretty much anyone who wants to improve their cognitive wellness.

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