PES Hawaiian Magic Mushroom


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PES Hawaiian Magic Mushroom is the only choice if you’re seeking for a variety of magic mushrooms that will make you feel as though you’re in a tropical paradise. These tiny beauties’ powerful visuals will carry you into a state of sheer pleasure.

However, because PES Hawaiian shrooms have an especially potent kick, you should take a little less than usual. This is due to the fact that these unusual fungi appear to have a long history.


The business Pacifica Exotica Spores provided the genetics for the PES Hawaiian mushroom species. PES Hawaiian shares morphological traits with both south American and south-east Asian strains.

This species, which is highly valued by growers for its prodigious colonisation, fruiting, and yield sizes, produces tall, slender stems (stipes) with golden caramel crowns (pilei) that turn pale yellow at the edges.

This species is regarded as a perfect choice for novice users due to its moderate strength. It also has mild physical sensations, and euphoric effects.

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