Psilocybe Serbica Magic Mushrooms


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Psilocybe Serbica Magic Mushrooms is believed to contain 1.34 percent psilocybin, 0.11 percent psilocin, and 0.02 percent baeocystin according to Gartz and Muller

The P. serbica species, which is widespread in the Czech Republic and central Europe and was historically known as Bohemia, is referred to by the name Psilocybe bohemica.

The species mainly forms clusters as it grows. Typically, they can be found on compost, plant humus, twigs, well-decomposed deciduous and coniferous wood, and compost.

Without a distinct gelatinous pellicle, the cap is normally smooth, hygrophanous, buff-brown to dingy orangish-brown, and pale reddish-brown when dried. It is not viscid either.

The stem bruises blue and is light to medium beige in hue.

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