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In essence, Psilocybe Valhalla Truffles are psilocybin-filled dense clusters of mycelium. They are the undeveloped magic mushroom that many of you probably know and adore, to put it very simply. One may compare magic truffles to a magic mushroom that hasn’t yet made a spectacular entrance above the Earth’s surface. These resilient little magical infants are mined underneath. Truffles aren’t technically categorised as mushrooms. That is where it gets tricky, so I’ll leave it to the expert mycologists to explain to you!

The moisture/nutrient content of the soil, the time of harvest, and other factors all play a role in how much psilocybin is present in magic truffles.

Overview of Magic Truffles Valhalla

These Valhalla Truffles are essentially psilocybin-filled thick clusters of mycelium. Simply put, they are the undeveloped magic mushroom that many of you are undoubtedly familiar with and adore. It can be said that magic truffles are a magic fungus that has not yet made its big entrance above the surface of the Earth. These tough little magical children are mined from underground. Truffles are not regarded as mushrooms in the strictest sense. It gets tricky there, so I’ll leave that up to the expert mycologists to explain to you.

The soil’s moisture/nutrient content, harvesting period, and other factors all have an impact on how much psilocybin is present in magic truffles.

Similar to magic mushrooms and other naturally occuring psychedelics, some are potent while others are weaker. They leave a short-lived sour and tangy flavour in your mouth after being consumed raw. Truffles are nothing in compared to the devilish flavour you get from magic mushrooms!

Valhalla Magic Truffles resemble magic mushrooms but also differ greatly from them, right? It’s a little complex, but the most crucial thing to remember is that they both contain the same hallucinogenic substance, psilocybin, as magic mushrooms.


Truffles can be converted into tea, just like magic mushrooms can. Naturally, with caution, as you don’t want your psilocybin to degrade in the heat!

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