Shafaa Dissolve Magic Gummies

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Flavors: Blueberry, Mango & Peach, Sour Blue Raspberry, Cherry Cola

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These Shafaa Dissolve Magic Gummies are designed to totally cover up the mushroom’s flavour while requiring the fewest edibles before your psychedelic experience.

Each of the four flavours of the Shafaa Dissolve Macrodose Mushroom Gummies contains 0.5 g of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms (either Penis Envy or Golden Teacher).

The four dosing types for these delicious, sweet, sugar-coated soft candies in the shape of hemispheres are Elevate, Heal, Teleport, and Dissolve.

SHAFAA worked tirelessly on the gummies and employed the most talented pastry chef available to ensure that they were the greatest on the market in terms of quality, flavour, fragrance, texture, potency, and durability!



Mango & Peach

Sour Blue Raspberry

Cherry Cola

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Blueberry, Mango & Peach, Sour Blue Raspberry, Cherry Cola

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