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With the help of our Siberian Chaga Tincture, chaga is made incredibly simple to use and may be quickly used as an instant tonic tea elixir.

Organic wildcrafted mushroom is an ingredient in the product. Extract of Siberian ginseng. (40% alcohol by volume) Pure Siberian Gold Standard Grain Alcohol. Never radioactive. No starch, binders, fillers, or colorings. 100% Paleo, Vegan, Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free, and Gluten-Free.

The Benefits Include:

Wild harvested and organic

Simple to use; contains Siberian ginseng for added vigour
Powerful Nutrition unheated, unprocessed alcohol extract
Vegan and Paleo friendly
Now in miron bottles, 50ml
To enhance absorption and efficacy, the extraction process took longer than a month.

Mushroom Tonic Tea: Mix 30 drops of tincture with 200ml of hot water to make a delicious tonic tea.

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