Treasure Island Sativa Strain

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With pain-relieving effects and a protracted feeling of relaxation that leave you at peace and carefree, Treasure Island Sativa Strain is undoubtedly a wonder to witness. Along with this, there is an improvement in attention and creativity as well as a tinge of light energy.

Treasure Island is frequently will treat conditions including chronic pain, depression, chronic stress, inflammation, arthritis, and headaches or migraines. This is because of these moderate side effects and its extremely high CBD content. The flavor of this bud is mildly herbal and woody, and its aroma is earthy floral with undertones of new lavender and spices.

Popular sativa strains are typically more upbeat and stimulating, making them an excellent choice for a smoke in the morning or late in the day. It is best to use sativa most frequently to relieve pain during the day. You can shop for premium quality indica strains, sativa strains, and hybrid strains right now at Deadhead Chemist’s Weed Strains catalog.


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