White Albino Avery Mushroom


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The White Albino Avery MaMushroom, often known as “White Albino,” is a hybrid of the Cambodian and Avery Magic Mushroom strains. Unless coupled with more potent hallucinogenic mushrooms, white albino mushrooms have a weaker impact. Rather than the usual black tracers, the White Albino will create a display of white ones.

You’ll feel more in the moment and present after watching The White Albino. Additionally, it has a strong impact on different consciousness states.

A number of powerful substances, including the “fruiting body” known as psilocybin, are found in white albino mushrooms. The psychedelic effects that can be obtained by ingesting this mushroom are caused by psilocybin. Users claim that the White Albino has a greater “calming” effect than other types.


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